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We believe that the accountability and social factor of our small group classes are an awesome opportunity to supplement independent home program efforts and help clients reach new potential ...join us for positive group energy, an opportunity to ask Qs and learn, and for fun!


Essentrics - Demo/Trial Class

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When: WED Dec 19, 2018

Time: 10-11AM


What: 60min of yoga meets dance meets tai chi like movement! Feel looser, stronger, and taller with dynamic stretching, toning, and posture training in a fun and energetic environment. Taught by a certified Essentrics instructor.


Where: 1st floor fitness center, 6300 Enterprise Ln Madison 53719


Cost: $20 cash/check preferred (pay at the door)


Ms Fit Therapy® - Scroll to bottom for full program description



Ms Fit Therapy® - Multi-Level


8wk session: January 31st - March 21st, 2019


Time: 5-6PM

Level: Mixed

Pre-requisites: Completion of a MFT I class series - or - recommendation by your Physical Therapist - or - approval by class instructor



  • Activating the respiratory diaphragm during dynamic activities
  • Challenging proprioception/motor control 
  • Strengthening & lengthening upper & lower core stabilizers
  • Mobilizing back, hips, & shoulders NEW content

Where1st flr multi-purpose rm 6300 Enterprise Ln Madison, WI 53719

Cost*$188/all 8 classes in a session or $25 drop in/single class

Bring: yoga mat, small towel, water bottle

Instructor: J. Klestinski 


*check/cash preferred; payment due before/at first class



Email: J. Klestinski at with Qs on whether this class is a good fit for you!


Youth Speed & Strength Training

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Winter Break 2018 small group

Speed & Strength Class:


for Middle & High School athletes


Dates: 12/26, F 12/28, W 1/2, & F 1/4




Location: 1st floor 6300 Enterprise Lane

Madison WI 53719


Instructor: Taylor V.


Cost: $80/all four ($25 drop in)



  • core coordination
  • speed
  • mobility/flexibility
  • movement quality at hips/shoulders
  • FUN!!


What is Ms Fit Therapy®?






Pelvic support issues, such as poor bladder control, affect 25% of all adults (NIH 2007) and 30-80% of female athletes of all ages - high school through masters (Goldstick/Constantini 2012). Young male military veterans and endurance athletes are also at risk.  The faster the runner and the higher the jumper, the greater the chance of experiencing this often embarrassing issue.  Years of exposure to high impact/high intensity sports, asthma/allergies, and multiple pregnancies also increase the odds of pelvic support dysfunction.


Research states that up to 40% of those participating in common core exercise programs are NOT activating the pelvic floor muscles effectively enough to prevent and/or treat common dysfunctions! (Bo 2004)


Research based, created, and taught by CoreActive's owner, Ms Fit Therapy® (MFT®) is a comprehensive core stabilization + pelvic floor muscle training program that focuses on small class size and expert instruction.  Ms Fit Therapy® exists in order to educate on the three key elements for proper pelvic floor and deep core muscle activation: breath, alignment, and graded activation.  Classes focus on enhancing the brain-body connection to prevent lumbopelvic dysfunction and act as an excellent supplement to a current Physical Therapy home exercise program (HEP).       


Whether you’re a sometimes back pain sufferer looking to improve stability, a long-time athlete striving to improve performance, or you know (or think!) you are experiencing any of the embarrassing problems mentioned above - this core and pelvic floor interval program is for you!  Improve confidence, function, and posture in a fun and educational setting.



  • Classes are generally presented in an eight week series and are progressive in nature (i.e. each week builds upon the previous)
  • Classes are open to males & females ages 16yrs +
  • MFT® is ideal for active individuals at risk for trunk/pelvis/hip weakness or instability, pelvic organ prolapse, or bladder/bowel control issues
  • Beginner/Level I class is a great fit for those at least 6wks post-partum; classes are appropriate for participation during low-risk pregnancy
  • See pre-requisites listed for Intermediate/Level II MFT class - call/email with any Qs.
  • If you have never been seen before at CoreActive, then please plan to arrive 10min early to speak with instructor.





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