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Power of Sportsmanship


The April 2018 Boston Marathon brought about some of the best stories in recent American running history. Ferocious wind and temps in the low 30s (F) created a shuffle amongst the leaders. Tenacious champ Des Linden prevailed as the first US woman to win since 1985. Linden's efforts/choices favoring teamwork and the incredible stories of fellow top female finishers provide a decade's worth of lessons all in one day, one race. 




Favorite Recipe & Cookbook 


Chewy Banana Chips - great long workout alternative to chews/gels


- Preheat oven to 200deg F

- Slice 3 ripe bananas to 1/8 to 1/4 inch slices

- Spread on greased/parchment lined sheet

- Brush slices with melted mixture of 1t-1T coconut oil, 1t cinnamon, 1t lemon juice, and pinch to 1/2t sea salt

- Bake for 2HRS turning once half way through

- Check after 90-100min to prevent burning. Crispy, slightly chewy, and dark brown is the goal!

- Cool completely. Store up to 3wks in airtight container. Yum!



(adapted from Run Fast Eat Slow by Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky)




CoreActive Fan Favorites - A "Best Of" List for Health & Balance 


Best Hydration: Skratch labs all natural electrolyte powder in raspberry or pineapple (warm weather) & apples + cinnamon (cold weather). Lemon-lime rescue hydration for severe dehydration rocks too.


Favorite Research Study: Nutrition in healing and injury recovery gained momentum in 2015. Let's hope the growth continues through 2016 and becomes mainstream preventive healthcare in the near future. Here is an excellent article on traditional western diet (TWD) and injury recovery from 


Most Inspiring Non Sports Read:A Street Cat Named Bob (And How He Saved My Life) - a book by James Bowen. Unconditional love from a downright brilliant companion animal helps this thoughtful gentleman pull himself up by his bootstraps and overcome drug addiction.


Most Inspiring Sporting World Read: Find A Way - autobiography by ultra swimmer & motivational speaker Diana Nyad. At age 64 she swam and her team supported her covering the 111miles of ocean through shark and jellyfish open waters and the treacherous Gulf Stream from Cuba to Florida. Of interest, her first attempt at the route at age 28 turned her off from swimming for 30years. Know that the first 100pages recount devastating personal experiences. But the shaping and nurturing of her own soul and her dedication to a life vision are awe inspiring and hopeful.     


Best Self Help Book: Not brand new, but a must read for those experiencing persistent pain. Educator Cheryl Wardlaw, PT, MMSc, CFMT has written an excellent self care book called Taming Pain - Lessons from the Trenches (2013) based on her personal experience as well as her experiences as a clinical PT.


Best High End Time & "Sanity" (Art of Tidying Up etc) Saver: iRobot "Roomba", a meet-the-Jetsons-moment robotic vacuum. An incredible way to multitask in the busiest of households. (NOT cheap - save up or find a coupon). Almost guaranteed to have a pet name before week one is through.


Favorite Low Cost Home Fitness Tool: A "back of the door" mirror. You know, the kind that costs less than 20 dollars and you don't feel bad moving from the door to floor and back...? A most excellent way to monitor posture & form for home exercise programs and fitness routines. Place horizontally propped on the floor against the wall or couch when doing mat work. Visual feedback helps improve brain-motor neuron-muscle (ie brain-body) connection! Ask your PT key points to watch for in terms of exercise "how to's" and common "cheating" or compensation patterns.


Favorite Product for Car Riding/Driving: Vertical thoracic + lumbar support from Also check that seat tilt is adjusted/adapted so that the hips are 1-1.5inches higher than knees, knees have at least 1inch clearance behind, and that feet are firmly planted on the floor. Ask your PT if you have Qs!





Spring/Summer 2014


A hot topic in Pain Research includes non-pharmacologic options for those affected by migraines, neck and back pain, and persistent pain conditions.  Well designed randomized controlled trials (RCT) and systematic literature reviews are indicating up to 40% reduced pain with a consistent daily breathing meditation practice.  20min per day is the key "therapeutic dose" cited most often.


Running Research is now focusing less on footstrike and more on what's happening "up the chain" at the gluteal muscles and the interplay between pelvis control and hip flexibility.  Research indicates a skilled and experienced Physical Therapist is a crucial running analysis resource. CoreActive Therapy is providing runners of all skill and experience levels with comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal examination and assessment for optimal performance, as well as prevention and treatment of common and complex conditions.


CoreActive's owner, J Klestinski, PT, MPT, OCS, WCS, CSCS, BCB-PMD, presented a literature review and case studies on Incontinence in Athletes at the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association on February 6, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.  Geared towards practicing as well as student PTs interested in pelvic rehabilitation in the athlete, this evidenced based presentation was hosted by the Section on Women's Health and focused on pelvic floor issues affecting impact and endurance athletes.

Fall 2013 - CrossFit has exploded in popularity...but being an informed consumer is paramount to the health and success of the sport.  Benefits of movement variety through cross training, weight lifting, and mental toughness apply to athletic pursuits and life.  Yet, complications from CrossFit range from extreme pelvic floor pressures (read: bladder/bowel leakage) to non-reversible muscle damage and kidney failure.  Bottomline: Listen to your body!  Few research studies on CrossFit exist yet, however, case reports on serious risk factors are growing in number. 


Contrary to this video, it is NOT normal to leak "even a little" with jumping rope (aka "double unders") or with running, lifting, or playing sports in general.  Understand and educate others: pelvic physical therapy is highly effective and the first line of treatment for leakage.  Prevention through education and practice on properly engaging deep core muscle layers (see Ms Fit Therapy class) is key to ward off a major risk of CrossFit participation. 

Inspirational Achievements


National - Autism and running can be a great fit!  Giving hope to many parents, this New York prep athlete is aiming for a top Division I program to "run against the best in the country."   

International - All at once inspiring and heartwrenching, world-class runner Julius Achon's personal journey and his Children's Fund in northern Uganda are ones to watch.  


Spring 2013 - American Physical Therapy Association's public education arm, Move Forward PT, broadcasted an excellent resource by a fellow women's health PT on the role of PT during and after pregnancy.



CoreActive owner J. Klestinski was published in the May/August 2012 issue of the Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy as co-author in a systematic literature review looking at the effects of specific exercise on pelvic girdle and low back pain during pregnancy.


Women's Health Physical Therapy - An eBook Wellness Resource
Brimming with research and written by content experts, CoreActive's owner was integral in bringing together this collaborative eBook follow up to the May 2012 Women's Health PT Blog Talk Radio Show.
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