February 2021:                                                                               The entire CoreActive team is grateful to have received our vaccinations against COVID-19. For the time being we will continue to offer spaced out in-person Physical Therapy appointments on set days/times. We will continue to utilize hospital-grade HEPA air purifiers in all treatment spaces. We will also continue to offer virtual Telehealth P.T. appointments and wellness consultations to WI residents.                                                                                                                                                        In addition, we offer fun and engaging virtual and (distanced + masked up) in-person medical fitness training sessions for individuals & small cohorts.                                                                                                                                                                            To inquire on availability email: office@coreactivetherapy.com. 

Office Hours











1-on-1 sessions


P.T. in office (830a-  3p)   

In-office & Telehealth P.T. 10a-2p



MFT class (8-9a)   


P.T. in office

830a-  3p



1-on-1 sessions




S&S class (5:15-6:15p)





S&S class (9-10a)


Essentrics AB class (10:15-11:15a)



E for Athletes class (coming in Apr!)

Telehealth P.T. 10a-1p  



CoreActive is a private pay, specialty Physical Therapy (P.T.) practice which allows more time to be spent working with you and for you!  Payment is due at the time of service and cash/check is preferred. However, CC and most health savings account (HSA) cards are accepted.  Flexible options include Physical Therapy evaluation, single follow up sessions (rate is time based), and multiple follow up session packages.  


Many CoreActive clients submit their Physical Therapy receipts and receive reimbursement via their Flexible ("Flex") Spending and/or Health Savings Accounts (HSA.)  Consider this great option for your health needs and goals!



Call or email for current pricing or to make an appointment today!  


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