Since 2015, CoreActive Therapy's charitable giving has totalled more than $10,500. We are truly honored and grateful to be able to impact our local community. By choosing services at CoreActive you are directly supporting our mission to contribute to the success and impact of key organizations and incredible individuals in the Madison area



Passionate about identifying and supporting positive future leaders, in 2016, CoreActive's founder/owner J Klestinski created the Myrtle & MJ Scholarship - an educational award focused on supporting positive, resilient, and action oriented students pursuing healthcare and education careers. In 2017, J Klestinski founded an overseeing 501c3 charitable organization to oversee and grow Myrtle & MJ Scholarships. Through the dedication of its volunteer Board and Advisory Council, area high school/college advisors, and donors, TWELVE Myrtle & MJ Scholarships have been awarded to date to some incredibly inspiring individuals. We invite you to check out the Myrtle & MJ Scholarship's overseeing 501c3 organization: Future Leaders WI Scholarship Foundation



CoreActive Therapy supports the following organizations through charitable giving