Manual Therapy

Physical Therapy soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization, when applied specifically and when combined with appropriate therapeutic exercise, can be highly effective in terms of pain management.  Physical Therapy soft tissue mobilization is a form of manual therapy and is an integral part of many programs at CoreActive Therapy such as the treatment of overuse injuries, persistent pain due to fascial restrictions or muscle trigger points, and the prevention of scar pain due to adhesions.  At CoreActive Therapy, physical therapy soft tissue mobilization is as important for serious athletes as it is for those recovering from pelvic or back pain during routine daily activities. 

Visceral Mobilization

A lesser known area of manual physical therapy is visceral mobilization.  Visceral means "pertaining to an organ" and manipulation means "to move."  If the body’s organs and surrounding connective tissues and their attachments to the skeletal system are not moving efficiently, then reduced blood flow and poor function can result. 


The goal of visceral mobilization is to support or restore this essential organ and tissue motion and function in order to reduce or eliminate pain and dysfunction.  Back pain, pelvic pain, painful period symptoms, constipation, and infertility of mechanical origin all may benefit from visceral mobilization.


Visceral Manipulation is especially beneficial following:

  • Surgery (to reduce or eliminate scar tissue/adhesions)
  • Trauma/impact to chest or abdomen or pelvis
  • Pregnancy


Evidence for visceral mobilization is still slowly growing. However, the body of research surrounding the enteric nervous system and specifically abominal and pelvic organ regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters which control key motor and mood functions, is impressive. A few examples:


"Active visceral manipulation associated with conventional physiotherapy..." (Santos et all 2019) 


Anatomy & Physiology: "Fascia and soft tissue innervation of the human hip..." (Fede et all 2020) 


Post visceral manipulation treatment MRIs show increased activity at proprioceptive and body regulatory centers: the cerebellum & thalamus. (2006 Wetzler)


Chronic back pain research indicates that the addition of visceral work to “usual” manual therapy improves quality of life, physical ability & energy (Tamer et al J Back MSK Rehab 2016)




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