Sports Medicine

"Jen is the best healthcare provider out there. She is thorough, compassionate & extremely knowledgeable. Jen takes the time to get to know her patients and understand the underlaying problem before developing a diagnosis & thorough treatment plan. She spends hands on time for every appointment and provides instant relief to her patients. Jen always finds the root cause to the problem and is passionate about educating her patients on care and exercises for injury prevention."

~ Halley


"Jenny has this amazing base of knowledge. She was able to properly diagnose, treat, and resolve an issue that had been plaguing me for many years and that multiple others had failed to resolve. Jenny is very personable and a great listener. I love how you get her full attention during treatment sessions. Thanks to Jenny I am now able to do yoga again with proper modifications and without pain!"

~ Dara


"One of my kids has had trouble with ankle sprains. In the last few months she had a severe ankle sprain (again) and Jenny was able to get her back to her favorite sports as well as strengthen her entire kinetic chain. Knock on wood she is staying injury free. Jenny's hands on manipulation with home program that can be accessed from her phone was an absolute must for a teenager. We are grateful to Jenny!"

~ Anonymous

"I found out about CoreActive Therapy a few years ago when they co-hosted a women's running night...(at) a consult and first visit they helped me finally identify and work toward healing a long-term injury I'd been dealing with. I've been back a few times to build on that success and so I can stay healthy and make more progress with my athletic goals. Thank You! 
"I am an old guy (75) that has always been physically active and as a result I have had many injuries over the years that have required physical therapy. I went to Jennifer with a shoulder injury that had been bothering me for 6 months and had significantly affected my service motion in tennis. Jennifer evaluated me and set me on on a program... After several sessions and by following the program she prescribed for home exercise my shoulder is fully recovered and I am able to serve again with the proper motion and force. I am grateful. Nobody wants a wimpy serve. The time taken and the thoroughness of Jennifer's evaluation far exceeded my experiences... I was really impressed and think she really knows her stuff. I have recommended her to other people who have been just as satisfied. I can't say I look forward to being injured again, but if I am I will be back there."
~ Fred 

"After years of injury and frustration, Jenny got me back on the roads. I would not hesitate for a second to refer someone to CoreActive Therapy..."

~ Jake



"My motivation to continue to improve is through the roof now. I couldn't have gotten this far without your guidance."

~ Patrick


"As a triathlete and marathoner, my legs and how they function are a critical part of meeting my goals.  When my legs seemed to break down on me, running and biking and even sitting hurt!  Jenny was able to identify the areas of weakness in my body after a thorough assessment.  She helped me build strength in my glutes and hamstrings as well as treat the terrible ache I felt in my hip and down my hamstrings.  She also has a great referral network and helped me find an acupuncturist who aided in my recovery.  I am delighted to report that with Jenny's help, I'm not just back to running, I'm hoping to achieve a personal best in my upcoming marathon.  I can't wait to see what the triathlon season has in store."

~ Jenniffer


"Jenny was recommended to me by a friend who also benefited from her care. I was not disappointed, in fact, I was extremely impressed.  Despite remaining active and trying my own treatments, my low back pain continued to worsen over time. When I was no longer able to run, and had difficulty with daily activities, I decided it was time for Jenny Klestinski’s expertise.  Through her expert and thorough assessment and examination, we identified the solution. With Jenny’s recommendations, motivation, and encouragement I am happy to say my low back is no longer a problem – for the first time in over a year!  My Sincere Thanks!"

~ John 

(Sports Medicine Physician, Team Physician – Univ of Wisconsin Athletics)


"I have worked with physical therapists on several occasions and Jenny, far and away, was the most systematic in her evaluation, detailed in her approach to rehabilitation, and willing to adapt to my individual needs as a competitive powerlifter. When I started working with Jenny I had been unable to squat and deadlift even very light weights (90 pounds) without a lot of pain for 10 weeks following a lat and rib injury, and within 8 weeks of working with Jenny I was back to full capacity squatting 2x465, and deadlifting 1x585 with very little pain. Jenny was a huge help in giving me specific criteria to use in regard to when to push my training and when to back off that made a big difference while navigating a return to training during rehabilitation. I'm now confident I have the tools to continue improving my performance and resilience to injury. Jenny is a pleasure to work with and I very enthusiastically recommend her to anyone that is highly motivated to take their athletic performance to the next level or increase their physical well-being."

~ Matt 


"I was referred to Jenny after experiencing pain in my hips off and on for over a year. I had already tried several different types of treatments including prescribed medications, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and a course of physical therapy including steroids with no improvement. My exercise was significantly limited, and even getting through the work day was challenging. Jenny offered a totally different explanation for why I was having pain. Her optimism, empathy and wisdom let me know that she knew how to help! I started seeing improvement almost immediately after starting my exercise plan. After only 7 weeks, I had no pain and was able to "graduate" from regular therapy sessions. Now, with Jenny's help, I am training for my first triathlon! Jenny has given me my life back and more! She has been the perfect mix of coach, professor, and friend. She motivates you to work hard, is able to cite the latest research, and truly cares about your recovery. Thank you Jenny for doing what you do! I am grateful every day!" 

~ Caitlin



"Jenny is a skilled and compassionate physical therapist.  I was experiencing back and hip pain that was very painful and affecting my daily activities. Jenny competently evaluated my issue and put me on the path to recovery. What makes Jenny a top-notch therapist is her use of modern techniques that bring relief expeditiously and her contagious positive attitude. It is rare in this world to find that mix of caring and competence, the qualities of a true healer."

~ Jessica


"My son was seen for a shoulder injury. We appreciated the overall assessment that not only included the injury but related muscles too. The focus was always overall health versus short term solutions. Thank you for making my child feel comfortable when he was confused about an exercise. Your follow up explanation always helped. Lastly, the works of positive encouragement provided him with the confidence to perform the HEP."

~ Anonymous



"Jenny was super helpful [with] my hip pain. She took the time to really explain what was going on with my body and show me a number of exercises, stretches and preventive techniques for home. Thanks!"

~ Lindsay



"I met with Jennifer because I have a herniated disc in my low back and have long term neck/shoulder pain. I also know Jennifer focuses on women's health and pelvic issues. After a very thorough paper assessment prior to my appointment, Jennifer watched my movements and measured my range of motion.  She asked me about my goals and how many exercises and how much activity I could commit to.  To get me going, I was given several exercises...she also helped me set up an exercise routine that would be appropriate based on my problem areas.  After 1 week, I felt like a different person and I am continuing to get a better range of movement and decreasing my pain.  I'm holding myself more accountable on exercise because I've seen results in such a short period of time.  I highly recommend going to CoreActive Therapy if you have any joint pain, need physical therapy, or need help with a fitness program.  I have told all my friends about Jennifer and how she's helped change my life!"

~ Monica 


"Run again after four knee surgeries? With small children and still not down to my ideal weight, this was a significant challenge.  With Jenny's help, I ran and biked like I never have before, and I have completed a marathon!  She's clear about what and why you need to do exercises, shows you your progress and teaches you about your body and the muscles you didn't know you had (until they hurt).  Even those monster hills on big bike rides with the "boys" are conquerable now.  But probably most important, I've stayed injury-free and have a good balance between training and life.  Thanks to Jenny, it is indeed possible for a busy professional mom to train and strengthen correctly!"

~ Maureen 



"Whitewater rafting in Colorado.
Roller coasters at Disney World.
Water parks.
Biking. Cross country skiing. Running.
Piggy back rides.
Sleeping comfortably.
Playing with my kids.

These are just a few of the things I have been able to enjoy again after working with Jenny at CoreActive Therapy.  It had been several years since I was able to do these things.  Numerous physical therapists, doctor visits and pain medications were not getting me closer to enjoying my life and my family.  Jenny did a thorough assessment, talked with me about my goals, and designed a program to help me live a pain free, fun, active life.  The continued evaluations, core strengthening, responsiveness to the most up-to-date research, and encouragement have made all the difference.  I feel like I have my life back, and am grateful to Jenny every day!"

~ Michelle



"I met Jennifer through a friend.  I have arthritis particularly of my knees with Left greater than Right.  I also have some problems with walking because of a disease I have and my leg muscles spasm and I walk very stiffly, stumble occasionally and at times have fallen.  Jennifer did an initial assessment and has given me exercises for my legs and to keep me safely mobile and on my feet.  She has instructed me on stretching exercises for my legs with work on strengthening of my leg muscles.  I also need to work on balance with standing, getting up from a chair, and walking to do some exercise to lose weight and just continue to walk better...she has set up a water program for me to do when I go to the pool.  She has been extremely helpful and encouraging when things are tough and I feel my limitations that hinder my walking and moving abilities.  I have found Jennifer to be very helpful in her suggestions and encouragement with my limitations.  Thank you Jenny!"

~ Kathy

Women's Health & Pelvic Health

"Jenny is a wonderful therapist - both physically and emotionally. She'll push you harder than you want to be pushed, but it always works out for your body's benefit. I may very well still be feeling chronic pelvic pain if I hadn't worked with her. It's not an easy process, but if you have any pelvic pain or dysfunction, it's worth your time to go see her!

~ Kim


"Jenny is the most knowledgeable, concerned, and honest practitioner I have  ever encountered. Her expertise in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is bar none. With that, her compassion and depth of service is one of greatest standards."

~ Julie

"Facing one of the biggest personal challenges of my life, I feel blessed to have found Jenny! Caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable are just a few words to describe her. Jenny is an amazing support to me, physically as well as mentally. Her in-depth knowledge of the human body, specifically the woman’s body, makes her an incredible physical therapist. She is up to date on the most current research and is constantly going to conventions and reading research to stay current and innovative in her practices. I am confident that you will not find a better physical therapist anywhere. Jenny is one in a million and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation!" 

~ Heather 


"My husband and I struggled for two and a half years with infertility,
followed by multiple miscarriages.  I was diagnosed by a fertility
specialist with "unexplained infertility," and we had started to give up on
the idea of having our third child.  Then Jenny told me about visceral
mobilization, and I decided to try it.  Jenny's professional, caring, and
friendly disposition made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  She
explained everything before, during, and after the sessions.  She even
taught me some things I could do at home to help my organs restore their
normal functions.  About a month after Jenny did the first visceral
mobilization session, my husband and I were thrilled to learn I was
pregnant.  I cannot thank Jenny enough for the help she has given our


'A Blessing-An Angel' ...Her pleasing personality, empathy, and compassion along with her expertise and knowledge of her chosen field set her apart from the norm...gives her client exceptional therapy-being able to discern the needed exercises to achieve the ultimate outcome.  Staying current with latest therapies along with assistance in connected areas gives one a complete package deal for wholeness and healing.  She has an excellent problem solving ability to tackle any situations providing a care-plan for achieving the desired outcome.  A video was made of the exercises to assist with being a visual learner which has been most helpful.  I am grateful and most encouraged with the retrieval of my gluts which had severely weakened in the years following my surgery and also a more stable pelvis and lower back and less discomfort.  Jenny has a “5 STAR” rating and is highly recommended!  Thank you."

~ Kari