Welcome to CoreActive Therapy!


CoreActive’s mission is to provide Madison area women, runners & triathletes with expert care solutions via specialty physical therapy and fitness programs that allow clients to choose and pursue preventative and integrative health/wellness, competitive or recreational sport, life/family balance, and humanitarian goals. 


CoreActive promotes the public’s direct access to highly qualified physical therapists for assessment, treatment, and prevention/wellness services through private pay practice, through consultation and collaboration, and through health education and patient advocacy. 


Intent on leading in the areas of personalized care and practical application of current research and innovative practice, CoreActive pledges to support creativity and discovery in the areas of women's health and lifelong fitness for the benefit of future generations.


At CoreActive clinical skill is blended with artful education in a manner that is decidedly different.  Together with CoreActive clients will feel motivated, stronger, and wiser. 



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