Sports Physical Therapy






"Two of my teenage children have been clients of Jenny's for very different reasons: the first for incontinence, posture, stamina, strength & conditioning exercises; the other as a high-level high school runner (injury repair and avoidance, strength & conditioning). Jenny's ability to work with two different people with very different needs is truly impressive. She really fits a lot into a session. Her communication (taking in and giving back), her empathy, her work ethic, the clarity of her home exercise programs, her promptness, her ability to respond to my kids and to me while doing hands-on therapy and teaching/motivating --all these skills are always inspiring... Julie (office assistant) is great to schedule appointments with; Julie is always responsive, clear, and wonderfully helpful." ~ Marcy



"I am a 61 year old distance runner who continues to accomplish running goals as a result of my ongoing work with CoreActive Therapy. In addition to running for over 45years I have also been a youth cross country and track coach in the Madison area. I cannot stress enough how working with Jenny has positively impacted my overall health, which has in turn helped me run and feel better. I do some of the recommended exercises two times per week and others five times per week. As a result I have fewer aches and pains, have better balance, sleep more soundly, and am able to comfortably run up to 40miles per week. I have also been able to successfully compete at a high level in a number of half marathons. It is clear to me that as my body changes with time my work with CoreActive Therapy will help me enjoy good health while accomplishing my running goals." ~ Kelly



"Jennifer Klestinski is amazing and I highly recommend her and CoreActive Therapy! I went to Jenny with pain that I had tried to diagnose and fix for many months with no success. At the first appointment I already felt relief as she was so thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. She was able to determine the cause of my pain and give me a specific home routine. It was the first time I started to feel any relief, and now I'm completely pain free. If it weren't for Jenny, I'm sure I wouldn't be back running yet. Her expertise is phenomenal and second to none. You won't regret seeing her!" ~ Darcy


"Time and again, our family can count on Jen for injury rehab and prevention. She is thorough, compassionate & extremely knowledgeable. Jen takes the time to get to know her patients and understand the underlying problem before developing a diagnosis & treatment plan.  She offers a wide variety of PT modalities and always seems to have the latest technology available.  Her home exercise programs are targeted and comprehensive, allowing athletes to return to playing their sport as quickly as possible. Finding Jen has been the best thing for our family's proactive approach to health and fitness."

~ Halley



"Jenny helped me become pain free in my hips, hamstrings and sciatic nerve in just 2 sessions.  I did do my part by doing the prescribed exercises.  Her knowledge and instincts are the best I have seen, and I have seen countless doctors, chiropractors to remedy my pain.  She is by far the best!" ~ D



"Jenny does an incredible job! There is never any doubt in my mind that her opinion is the right one and that she is steering me down the right track. Jenny will always be the person that I trust the most in terms of Physical Therapy." ~ Nicole (high school & collegiate athlete)



"I am an 'old' guy that has always been physically active and as a result I have had many injuries over the years that have required Physical Therapy. I went to Jennifer with a shoulder injury that had been bothering me for 6 months and had significantly affected my service motion in tennis. Jennifer evaluated me and set me on on a program... After several sessions and by following the program my shoulder is fully recovered and I am able to serve again with the proper motion and force. I am grateful. Nobody wants a wimpy serve. The time taken and the thoroughness of Jennifer's evaluation far exceeded my experiences... I was really impressed and think she really knows her stuff. I have recommended her to other people who have been just as satisfied. I can't say I look forward to being injured again, but if I am I will be back." ~ Fred



"Jenny was recommended to me by a friend who also benefited from her care. I was not disappointed, in fact, I was extremely impressed.  Despite remaining active and trying my own treatments, my low back pain continued to worsen over time. When I was no longer able to run, and had difficulty with daily activities, I decided it was time for Jenny Klestinski’s expertise.  Through her expert and thorough assessment and examination, we identified the solution. With Jenny’s recommendations, motivation, and encouragement I am happy to say my low back is no longer a problem...My Sincere Thanks!"

~ John (Sports Medicine, Team Physician-University of WI Athletics)



Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

"Jenny not only addresses your current ailment, but also looks at underlying issues to prevent future injuries.  I keep coming back because she continues encouraging me to get stronger and remain pain free. During my pregnancy, she helped me stay strong and fit, and provided me with the tools to regain my pelvic floor and core strength after giving birth." ~ Ashley



"As both a mother and endurance athlete, I continue to choose CoreActive Therapy for a variety of reasons. Jenny's expertise and individualized services have been instrumental to injury recovery and have allowed me to continue to pursue triathlon and running events both large and small. But I also specifically sought out Jenny to partner with me on a home program and hands-on work during my second pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period. I felt stronger, more informed, and returned to activity in a healthier, injury-free way following birth. I credit our work together as being one of the tools that helped me achieve a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), and specifically to having a more informed postpartum recovery. Jenny has been the main medical provider on my team who is well -versed with what an athlete needs while pregnant and recovering from childbirth. The level of care and partnership I experience with Jenny and CoreActive therapy is unparalleled in the community." ~ Margaret 



"Jenny is a wonderful therapist - both physically and emotionally. She'll push you harder than you want to be pushed, but it always works out for your body's benefit. I may very well still be feeling chronic pelvic pain if I hadn't worked with her. It's not an easy process, but if you have any pelvic pain or dysfunction, it's worth your time to go see her!" ~ Kim



"Jenny is the most knowledgeable, concerned, and honest practitioner I have  ever encountered. Her expertise in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is bar none. With that, her compassion and depth of service is one of greatest standards." ~ Julie



Orthopedic Physical Therapy


"Jenny Klestinski treated me to regain my flexion (and extension) after a right knee replacement in December 2021. My case was a special circumstance as I had stopped PT...10wks post surgery after a family emergency. Jenny evaluated me holistically and came up with a plan so I could avoid the orthopedic suggested knee manipulation. She used multiple modalities and manual therapy to improve my flexion/extension and quality of life. Her expertise and knowledge was top notch. I am forever grateful to Jenny at CoreActive Therapy for her expertise and getting me back to my active lifestyle. Her knowledge of Physical Therapy techniques are bar none."

~ Denise


"Jenny is one of the most intelligent and skilled clinicians I have been priveleged to work with. She has a phenomenally caring bedside manner and there is no one else I would recommend for Physical Therapy other than Jenny." ~ Megan


"Jenny treats the whole person employing a variety of therapeutic techniques to customize the treatment.  She even did research on her own time to help me in every way she could.  She also reached out to medical colleagues to solicit their opinions for other treatment options that might benefit me." ~ Eileen


"I cannot recommend CoreActive Therapy or Jenny highly enough. I started treatment because of chronic pain from a back injury.  I felt taken care of right away.  Jenny has a great way of explaining complicated anatomy in a way that is understandable. She not only helped me to eliminate my pain, she also gave me a better sense of body awareness to keep myself more balanced and injury free.  I would highly recommend CoreActive Therapy to anyone!" ~ A



"Jenny is a skilled and compassionate physical therapist.  I was experiencing back and hip pain that was very painful and affecting my daily activities. Jenny competently evaluated my issue and put me on the path to recovery. What makes Jenny a top-notch therapist is her use of modern techniques that bring relief expeditiously and her contagious positive attitude. It is rare in this world to find that mix of caring and competence, the qualities of a true healer." ~ Jessica



"My son was seen for a shoulder injury. We appreciated the overall assessment that not only included the injury but related muscles too. The focus was always overall health versus short term solutions. Thank you for making my child feel comfortable when he was confused about an exercise. Your follow up explanation always helped. Lastly, the words of positive encouragement provided him with the confidence to perform the HEP." ~ Anonymous



"I met Jennifer through a friend.  I have arthritis particularly of my knees...  I also have some problems with walking because of a disease I have and my leg muscles spasm and I walk very stiffly, stumble occasionally, and at times have fallen.  Jennifer did an initial assessment and has given me exercises for my legs and to keep me safely mobile and on my feet.  She has instructed me on stretching exercises for my legs with work on strengthening of my leg muscles.  I also need to work on balance with standing, getting up from a chair, and walking to do some exercise to lose weight and just continue to walk better...she has set up a water program for me to do when I go to the pool.  She has been extremely helpful and encouraging when things are tough and I feel my limitations that hinder my walking and moving abilities.  I have found Jennifer to be very helpful in her suggestions and encouragement with my limitations.  Thank you, Jenny!" ~ Kathy



Essentrics® Classes & 1-on-1's | Optimize Performance & Functional Mobility

The Essentrics® class that Michelle teaches is my all time favorite class, based on how my body feels and the improvement I've experienced after taking the class...I find Michelle to be a dynamic teacher/instructor as she continually adjusts based on how she sees us reacting in class. Her cueing is right on target; she breaks down a trademark and walks us thru it before just diving in. And every session has a different focus. She continually asks for feedback. I especially enjoy her sense of humor! There is so much to like about the class and Michelle!"


"My body feels better when I go regularly, my neck is not near as stiff, and my hips are much looser...after Essentrics® Strength & Stretch I feel taller, I have better posture, and overall my body just feels better."



"I love the way Essentrics® improves my mobility in all joints- especially shoulders! I can see this as being a huge benefit for those recovering from injury or wanting to improve performance or recovery time!” ~Anonymous


"I have been experiencing pain for a number of years and had gotten great help from P.T. My issues are common...arthritis, sub optimal body mechanics, and a desk job... Within just a few classes I was feeling better, stronger, less tight... Getting to class is a priority, and a lot more fun than doing exercises alone at home! Michelle is a really gifted instructor, and brings humor and effective motivation to every class." ~Anonymous




Ms Fit Therapy© Class | Pelvic Health & Continence



"After having my first son via C-section, I struggled for 6+months with recovery and getting back to normal daily activity and cycling. I was referred to CoreActive because I was not seeing improvement. Once I started seeing Jenny for PT and attending Ms Fit Therapy© classes I was able to get back to my normal daily activity level and build my core and muscle strength. Jenny’s Ms Fit and PT services gave me the knowledge to properly heal my body. She was the first Physical Therapist I saw who truly understands women’s health and recovery post-partum." ~Mary

"Regardless of what you are or what you have been, you can still become what you may want to be."


~ W Clement Stone ~