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Health & Safety 

updated 9.10.2021


Taking a multitude of factors into consideration - including but not limited to CDC guidelines for healthcare organizations, patient conditions (immunocompromised, pregnant/trying to conceive, etc), continuation of in-office hospital grade HEPA air purification & disinfection measures, vaccination status of staff (100%) and patient community (80%), common sense, and mental health awareness – the following shall now apply:

  1. Small Group Exercise Classes:
    1. Outdoors (Summer in the Park) - Masks optional
    2. Indoors - Masks required, regardless of vaccination status, per local health ordinance 
    3. If ill: please stay home. We look forward to seeing you next class!
  2. In-Office Appointments:
    1. Masks required for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, due to local health ordinance
    2. If ill: please stay home + contact us to reschedule with no penalty
    3. Upon arrival to parking lot: Do call (608-310-6708) AT FIVE (5) MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT to let us know of arrival. A staff member will meet you at main building entrance double doors. We ask for your assistance with staying on time as we will not be able to run over on appointment length.
    4. Hand washing/hand sanitizer: required prior to appointment  


Is CoreActive providing in-person or virtual appointments?  

-- BOTH. We strongly encourage IN PERSON Physical Therapy appointments. Operating throughout the pandemic we have mitigated risk by utilizing:

  • Hospital grade HEPA air purifiers
  • PPE
  • Spaced appointments
  • EPA approved for COVID-19 disinfecting products
  • Patient/staff screening


Our CoreActive team is 100% vaccinated against COVID-19. As of mid-2021 over 80% of our patients are vaccinated.


When scheduling, patients receive updated appointment logistics instructions plus usual intake forms. The bottom line is we appreciate CoreActive's leading culture of honest communication and expectations regarding risk mitigation. We believe strongly in the value of regular human connection - Physical Therapy appointments play a key role in treatment AND preventive health and overall wellness.  On any given day we treat front-line healthcare workers, first responders, farmers, executives, new moms, runners, 'experienced' adults with joint and gait issues, middle age adults, teens with acute and long-standing orthopedic challenges, and high school, collegiate, and professional through recreational athletes.


Why would I choose CoreActive for my Physical Therapy needs? 

-- Individualized experience, getting to the root cause, and providing comprehensive and expert level care in the specialty areas of pelvic health, advanced orthopedics, and sports medicine is our passion. Our goal is to lead the Madison area in Physical Therapy "work rate": evaluation by Board Certified Clinical Specialists, extensive hands-on and skilled manual therapy, and education on community resources, home care, products, and tools to expedite healing. We 'get' new parents, individual and multi-sport athletes, and the effort required to get and stay healthy because we've been there, we treat these patients every day, and we keep our skills and research knowledge base current. We offer in house PT complimentary classes to further facilitate and enhance the journey from rehab to long term fitness. When you choose CoreActive you actively support our charitable giving mission.


Your mission says you treat women, runners, and athletes. Do you work with men?

-- YES! We provide Physical Therapy and fitness programs for males of all ages. A wise pelvic health colleague often says, "men have pelvises too". It's true. Our wheelhouse treatment areas of the pelvis, SI Joints, hips, spine, and lower body can be a challenge to both women and men. We work with young (pre-teens/teens) through peri-/post-menopausal women and senior men on the gamut of unique gender specific health issues via comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and prevention perspectives.


Do you accept insurance? What form(s) of payment do you accept?

-- CoreActive is a 100% private pay practice. We do not accept any insurance, nor do we submit superbills to any third parties. Physical Therapists are Direct Access healthcare & wellness experts in neuromusculoskeletal issues. CoreActive's business model centers on:

  • Truth in pricing
  • Maximizing time with each client
  • Pricing commensurate with advanced certifications/training & clinical expertise
  • Advocating for fair pay

-- Cash/check is preferred. However, credit cards, flex spending account cards, and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards are accepted. Many of our clients submit paid receipts to their Flex Spending Accounts for full, and some submit receipts to their insurance company for partial, reimbursement after their appointment(s).


Do I need a referral to start Physical Therapy at CoreActive? 

-- Wisconsin is a Direct Access state; a referral from a doctor or other healthcare provider is not required to see a Physical Therapist. Improved access to care and cost savings have been shown in research to be positively impacted by Direct Access Physical Therapy. Note: If you have recently given birth, had surgery or a fracture, or have a newer 'major' medical illness (for example: heart attack, cancer, or stroke) we may ask for proof of medical clearance for participation in Physical Therapy.


How flexible are you with appointment times around my schedule?

-- We offer Tuesday -  Thursday office hours for Physical Therapy. However, classes and 1-on-1 sessions are offered Monday - Friday most weeks. With enough notice, we are happy to provide early A.M. Physical Therapy appointments. As passionate professionals with active families ourselves, we understand the shuffling it takes to 'make it work'. 


What other services do you provide? Classes?

-- CoreActive offers several small group training classes & seminars throughout the year. 

-- Small group classes are an awesome supplement to a Home Exercise Program - they reinforce key concepts and provide "positive peer pressure/group think" in the areas of core stabilization, motor control/breathing, posture, strength, and fascial mobility. 


How do I know if CoreActive is a good fit for me?

-- Check out Our Team biosbrowse our website, and go with your gut: if you feel ready or are looking for a fresh perspective or skill set then we'd love to work with you!


How do I make an appointment? How long is an average appointment?

-- To schedule an initial evaluation call 608-310-6708 or email our Office Assistant

-- Evaluations generally last 60-75min and follow up appointments range from 30-70min. We offer a four package rate for 50min follow up appointments. Contact us for current pricing.


Do I need a full Physical Therapy evaluation? I know what I want treated.

-- If you have never been seen at CoreActive OR you have not been seen for many months then YES a full initial evaluation is required before re/starting. As Direct Access providers, Physical Therapists are required to perform a complete system screening and document health status at each evaluation - best practice in the industry for safety, wellness and prevention requires it. If you are unsure whether to schedule an evaluation or follow up, then call or email our Office Assistant.


How many visits will it take for me to get better/meet my goals?

-- Every Physical Therapy patient and each issue is unique. With that in mind, we strive for a balanced approach noticing severity/duration of condition, current relative research when available, clinical experience, patient goal/s, and exam findings/assessment. We can provide conservative and assertive estimates on healing time, return to function, or time to increased tissue resilience in the case of preventive goals. We aim to be flexible providing everything from 1x consults to traditional rehab, to short course tune ups with progression into a small group training or 1-on-1’s, to long term strength & conditioning programs.

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